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Aromatherapy: Infant Massages

Great article by LMT, Brenda Stansfield!

Aromatherapy: Infant Massages

Brenda Stansfield is a licensed massage therapist, certified clincial aromatherapist and the creator of the Clear My Head product line, sold in spas nationally at She belives aromatherapy should be simple and easy to incorporate into a hectic lifestyle.

This weekend my sister welcomed another grandchild to her family. It’s been a long time since I held my own newborn son in my arms, but as I looked at the pictures of the newest addition to our family online, I began to think…"Is there anything more precious than a newborn baby?" "Is there anything more confusing to new parents?"
This time of wonder and discovery is the perfect time for parents to unlock the benefits of aromatherapy and infant massage. By incorporating touch with botanicals, you increase the bond between parent and child while simultaneously creating a healthy, relaxing environment for bot.

Aromatherapy can be safe for infants and children as long as a few guidelines are observed:

• Never apply oils full strength to the baby’s skin. Since babies have a smaller amount of resistive tissue, adult doses can be considered toxic. Be sure to dilute essential oils for babies and toddlers to ½ amount of the adult dose. This would be ¼ drop for every 3 drops in a standard blend. Since it is impossible to measure a ¼ of a drop, it is advisable to decrease the essential oil and increase the carrier oil or lotion. Remember, no where in aromatherapy is the ‘less is more’ approach more appropriate than here.

Safe essential oil choices for babies: lavender, chamomile and rose

Children are naturals with aromatherapy. The sweet and floral scents calm them almost instantaneously. Older children who no longer will tolerate a back rub from mom or dad will most assuredly indulge in a foot massage (especially after sports). All ages welcome the addition of essential oils in their bath tubs. Be sure to dilute these oils in an appropriate carrier oil according the recommendations below. Allow some flexibility to adjust the amounts if the child’s body size and weight is above or below average percentile for the child’s age. Your pediatrician can help you with this information.

Children: Factor age vs. body weight

5-8 years: 1/6th to 1/3rd the adult recommendation
8-12 years: 1/3th to ½ the adult recommendation
12-15 years: ½ to 2/3rd the adult recommendation

Safe essential oil choices for children: lavender, tea tree, German or Roman chamomile, tangerine, spearmint, rose, lemon, ravensara, eucalyptus and rosemary

• Avoid the following oils for use with all children unless instructed by a reliable text or a certified aromatherapist. All ‘spice oils’ such as clove, cinnamon, cassia, nutmeg, ginger and black pepper. Other oils which should not be used with children are pennyroyal, hyssops, rue and yarrow.

• Avoid citrus oils if your children are playing out of doors since they may increase photosensitivity.

• Use cold pressed, natural oils. Stay away from petroleum-, chemical- or mineral-based oils (such as baby oil). These oils interfere with the solubility of vitamins and minerals within the essential oils. An easy rule for oils is if you can eat it, you can use it. (Olive oil and grapeseed are wonderful.)

Photo by ::paqman::/Courtesy Flickr

As a licensed massage therapist and a certified infant massage instructor and practitioner, I recommend infant massage for building a bond with your baby. Infant massage is a path that will lead to a lifetime of good communication and closeness. Numerous studies show impressive benefits, such as significant neurological development and absorption of nutrients. Also, parents raise their confidence and sensitivity to meeting their babies’ needs, allowing them to respond appropriately to baby’s cues. The special time spent together can help promote longer and deeper sleep patterns, help relieve colic or gas and helps babies and children develop a positive body image. Your touch will help baby relax and release accumulated tension by decreasing the production of stress hormones.

How to give a rewarding infant massage (for you and baby):

• Make eye contact with baby. Watch baby’s expressions and note how your touch affects your child. Smile, sing and whisper to baby as you touch.

• Ask permission of your baby to touch each part. This simple act of respect also encourages verbalization and word associations for your baby and brings the art of a lifetime of communication into play.

• Use a gentle, but firm pressure when massaging. A confident touch is conveyed and baby’s sense of safety and love is reinforced.

Ready to begin? Enjoy the following formulas for baby.

To promote sleep patterns in well babies:

• 1 ½ ounce grapeseed essential oil
• 1 drop lavender essential oil
• 1 drop German chamomile essential oil

1. Mix ingredients together.

2. Use mix during massage OR use 1 teaspoon in your baby’s bath at night time when you want your child to fall asleep faster.

To allieviate gas and upset tummies:

• 1 drop fennel essential oil
• 3 ounces grapeseed essential oil

1. Mix ingredients together.

2. Apply mix to abdomen only. Use plain grapeseed for the remainder of a full body massage.

To open nasal passages:

Put a drop of eucalyptus oil on a night light or into a humidifier as baby sleeps. Never apply this oil directly to baby. An aromatic bath for baby can be made by substituting one drop eucalyptus or ravensara for the fennel in the above formula. Use 1 tablespoon of the mixture in the bath. Hold baby securely when bathing with oils.

So if you are lucky enough to be welcoming a new addition to your immediate or extended family, pass along this information. Family bonds begin early and the skills and communications in those formative years can be key to a confident child. Babies grow up too quickly, take the time now to be as present as possible. Learn and grow with your baby – and may you be ‘forever young’.

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Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Rose Bless You

I spent a whole afternoon blending essential oils. Yes, if there is one thing I'll never get bored with, that's about blending.

I was trying to decide the formula of my new synergy essential oil, "Rose Bless You". I had a few testing bottles labeled and I took them out at my front yard. I always like to get some fresh air so my chest is clear and my nose can do its work:)

With the nice and cool breeze in fall, I finally decide the formula of "Rose Bless You"!

There will be Rose Absolute, Rosewood, Geranium Rose and Frankincense in this magic small bottle! it will come with 5 ml and 10 ml bottles at your options. It is expensive because it cost so much to distill a single drop of rose essential oil.

The idea of this new synergy essential oil

(while we say Synergy Essential Oil @Ally's AromaRemedies, we meant we infuse several kinds of pure essential oils to make a new blend with the diverse energy of single essential oil. Synergy Essential Oil is 100% pure and needs proper dilution if applys directly on the skin.)

is trying to create a everyday blend for rose lovers to enjoy a little bit luxury of daily pampering but can still afford it.

Rose absolute and Geranium Rose contribute to the sweet and deep rose aroma. Rosewood strengthens the beautiful combination of the previous oils. Frankincense speaks for the name of this blend with a lot more blessings and it also works perfectly to extend the rosy scents.

As usual, I seal every bottle with love and passion. Wish this small bottle can bring a lot blessings and comfort to you as it always does to me.

Rose Bless You

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Thursday, September 24, 2009

How to Treat Asthma With Aromatherapy

The characteristic wheezing of asthma is made by the effort to push air through swollen, narrowed bronchial passages. During an asthma attack, stale air cannot be fully exhaled because the bronchioles are swollen and clogged with mucus, and thus less fresh air cannot be inhaled. The person gasps and labors for breath.

Allergic reactions to food, stress, and airborne allergens are the common causes of asthma. Allergies trigger production of histamine, which dilates blood vessels and constricts airways. Asthma sufferers fight an ongoing battle with such low-level congestion, which is actually an attempt by unhappy lungs to rid themselves of irritations.

Many aromatherapy books warn against using essential oils to treat asthma. Some asthmatics are sensitive to fragrance and find that it triggers their attacks. Although you certainly don't want to make the situation any worse, aromatherapy offers promising results when used judiciously.

The safest time for aromatherapy treatments is in-between attacks. Use a chest rub made from essential oils that have decongestive and antihistamine properties, such as peppermint and ginger. German chamomile, which contains chamazulene, is thought to actually prevent the release of histamine. Frankincense, marjoram, and rose encourage deep breathing and allow lungs to expand. To reduce bronchial spasms, use the relaxants: chamomile, lavender, rose, geranium, and marjoram.

A lavender steam can be used by some asthmatics even during an attack. The steam opens airways, while the lavender quickly relaxes lung spasms. This may halt the attack right in its tracks or at least make it less severe. As an added bonus, lavender also relaxes the mind, so it helps dissipate the panic you feel when you can't catch your breath.

If you find that steaming only makes it more difficult to breathe, use an aromatherapy diffuser or a humidifier instead. For babies and small children, put some very hot water in the bathtub, add several drops of lavender essential oil, and hold the child in your arms over the steam. You can also rub someone's feet with an aromatherapy massage oil.

Essential oils are not powerful enough to heal an asthmatic condition all by themselves. Herbs that repair lung damage and improve breathing are also needed, along with avoiding whatever sparks the allergic reaction. If this means stress, then other aromatherapy techniques such as massage, relaxation techniques, and fragrant baths can help you de-stress your life.

Essential oils for asthma: chamomile, eucalyptus (don't use during an attack), frankincense (deepens breathing, allows lungs to expand), geranium, ginger, lavender, marjoram, peppermint, rose

Aromatherapy Treatments for Asthma

Try the following recipes for asthma relief between attacks.

Asthma Inhalation Rub

6 drops lavender oil
4 drops geranium oil
1 drop marjoram oil
1 drop peppermint or ginger oil
1 ounce vegetable oil
Combine the ingredients. Rub on chest as needed, especially before bedtime. Because asthmatics can be extremely sensitive to scent, do a sniff test first. Test the formula by simply sniffing it to make sure there is no adverse reaction.

Essential Oil Steam

1/4 teaspoon eucalyptus oil

3 cups of water
Bring water to a simmer, turn off heat, and add essential oils. Set the pan where you can sit down next to it. Place your face over the steam and drape a towel over the back of your head to form a mini-sauna. Breathe in the steam, coming out for fresh air as needed. Do at least three rounds of steam inhalation several times a day. Fresh or dried eucalyptus leaves can be added to the water instead of the pure essential oil. You can replace the eucalyptus oil with other essential oils listed (such as lavender), except bay, clove, or thyme. Whichever essential oil you use, be sure to keep your eyes closed while steaming. It's okay to use this steam as often as you like.

To learn more about Aromatherapy and other alternative medicines, see:

Aromatherapy: Here you will learn about aromatherapy, how it works, what part essential oils play, and how to use aromatherapy.

Essential Oils Profiles: We have collected profiles of dozens of plants that are used to produce essential oils. On these pages, you will learn the properties and preparations for the most popular essential oils.

How to Treat Common Conditions With Aromatherapy: Aromatherapy can be used to treat a number of conditions, from asthma to depression to skin problems. Here you will learn how to treat some common medical problems with aromatherapy.

Home Remedies: We have gathered over a hundred safe, time-tested home remedies for treating a wide variety of medical complaints yoursel
Herbal Remedies: Herbal remedies and aromatherapy can be very similar, and they stem from similar historic roots. On this page, you will find all of our herb profiles and instructions for treating medical problems with herbal remedies.


Kathi Keville is director of the American Herb Association and editor of the American Herb Association Quarterly newsletter. A writer, photographer, consultant, and teacher specializing in aromatherapy and herbs for over 25 years, she has written several books, including Aromatherapy: The Complete Guide to the Healing Art and Pocket Guide to Aromatherapy, and has written over 150 articles for such magazines as New Age Journal, The Herb Companion, and New Herbal Remedies.

This information is solely for informational purposes. IT IS NOT INTENDED TO PROVIDE MEDICAL ADVICE. Neither the Editors of Consumer Guide (R), Publications International, Ltd., the author nor publisher take responsibility for any possible consequences from any treatment, procedure, exercise, dietary modification, action or application of medication which results from reading or following the information contained in this information. The publication of this information does not constitute the practice of medicine, and this information does not replace the advice of your physician or other health care provider. Before undertaking any course of treatment, the reader must seek the advice of their physician or other health care provider.

Keville, Kathi. "How to Treat Asthma With Aromatherapy." 25 April 2007. 24 September 2009.

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Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Fresh Lavender Hydrosols directly from organic farms!

I can't say enough about hydrosols. They are not essential oils and the real hydrosols don't have any oils in it. Hydrosols, also known as floral waters, hydroflorates, flower waters or distillates are products from steam distilling plant materials.

They are ideal for all skin problems, suitable for normal, oily to damaged skin. A very relaxing and soothing spray for am after-sun spreay and also good for a daily toner and after-shave spray.

Not like essential oils, hydrosols barely have any safety concerns. They are gentle enough for almost everyone, from babies to the elderly.

Now we are carrying Lavender Hydrosols. They are directly from the organic farms that grow lavender essential oils.

Check out while we are offering introduction discount! Lavender Hydrosol

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Thursday, August 6, 2009

i-Aroma: Japan wants to add fragrances to the web experience

i-Aroma: Japan wants to add fragrances to the web experience

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i-generation, what's next?

"i-Aroma" is something that does amaze aroma fans like me. It's some equipment that's still under trial test by NTT in Japan.

Let's imagine the perfect future of i-Aroma's introduction: You were watching a romantic film, and the scent you smell at that moment is the mixture of Sandalwood, Rose and some sweet orange, and you recall a very lovely feeling of first true love.

While the love birds meant to say goodbye to each other, you smell rain, the sad type.

Well, that's just a goal that we can combine technology and senses one day. In real life, i-Aroma manufacturers might have to worry a little bit more about the quality of "aroma" they are using and will they bring out people's allergy or other stuff:>>>

Anyway, I do envy those people who can join this trial and enjoy the first "fragrance communication" ever!

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Thursday, July 23, 2009

Hand-crafted bag made exclusive for Ally's AromaRemedies

本文由Aroma Baby/Ally/艾莉/布卡麻 與 Mama Bear 聯合發佈

Who is Mama Bear?

Mama Bear是艾莉的好友兼玩伴,她是一個很忙碌的媽媽,除了要照顧忙碌的北鼻Katie外(which is a full-time job!),擠出來的閒暇的時間還要兼顧Kniting business跟研究遊戲攻略(*誤*)

Mama Bear有一雙巧手,和充滿創意的巧思,每一個手織的作品都是用愛編織的。


這次Mama Bear接受艾莉的請求&脅迫,為Ally's AromaRemedies (艾莉布卡芳療)量身打造了幾款的手織精油袋,限量30枚。 (本次活動僅限美國網友,台灣的網友們如果也喜歡的話,看下次Mama Bear能不能再接受脅迫一次再說囉:P)



When Crochet Meets Aromatherapy


每一種精油都是由大量的植物經過生長與提煉的過程而來,有的精油甚至要歷經30年之久(例如檀木),才能萃取出其中的精華, 萃取提煉過程又需要大量的人力。



也因此,艾莉與Mama Bear希望透過棉線與芳療的相遇,說一個單純熱愛手作、尊敬自然的故事,給大家更不一樣的療癒體驗。

Mama Bear's Exclusive Hand-crafted Bags for Ally's AromaRemedies--

<花梨木款手織袋>是30枚限量手織袋的"正常版",使用的就是這溫柔美麗的花梨木色混線,實品尺寸為3.5*5 inches (9*13 cm)

上圖為呈裝140ml 的按摩油的樣子,非常精巧可愛,旅行時這樣帶著實在很有面子,做SPA時這樣帶著心情就更好囉!(一個袋袋可以裝一款140ml的按摩油,也可以裝到3瓶的30 ml的小按摩油喔!)

(大家可能會問,要滴按摩油還是純精油呢?原則上沒有一定,只是看個人喜好囉。Ally's AromaRemedies的按摩油是以Jojoba Oil為基底油將醫療級純精油調製好的,所以是ready-to-use的按摩油,不需要稀釋;但是若是拿來薰香的話,就要拿純單方精油或是純複方精油來使用,精油的分子會很快的擴散,進入到我們的系統中。)

Mama Bear的巧思,雖都是"正常版"的手織袋,還是有小小的不同,

例如:葉子與球球的收線 vs. 花與葉的收線


右是花梨木版,左是小草莓版,是更粉嫩的Baby Pink。色系比較跳,比較亮眼。



Our Game Rule--

大正妹Honey的讀者,到8/2(2009)前,在 官網上購物都可以享有15% Off的折扣,coupon code是summerhoney,請記得輸入享有折扣喔!



親愛的北鼻們,艾莉一直強調Mama Bear手工的珍貴,所以只有限量30只袋袋喔。隱藏版小草莓的袋袋只有數只而已,所以很抱歉,不能讓大家自由替換喔。

隱藏版就是這樣才珍貴嘛 (*扭*)


按摩油用完了,別把袋袋丟了喔!還可以拿來當soap saver:

Mama Bear說當Soap saver的棉袋,可以用來當洗澡海綿的代替品喔!(艾莉按:就是說可以直接拿來嚕身體啦) 材質是全棉,可以手洗或機器洗,溫和的清潔並呵護肌膚。Crochet的特殊織法,還可以溫和的去除身體角質,很棒吧。


1. 裝按摩油
2. 當化妝包
3. 裝相機 (我的小傻瓜SONY剛剛好)
4. 名片袋 (我真的沒有在開玩笑)
5. Soap saver (就是我說的嚕身體的XD)
6. 手機袋 (iPhone剛剛好, iPod家族一定愛)
7. 香芬袋 (可以在裡面裝薰衣草或是其他herb,掛車上或是衣櫥都很讚)

A: 請大家到艾莉的partner May那邊看存貨狀況喔

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Monday, July 6, 2009

Does your dog dread July 4th?


Did you have a good July 4th long weekend? How about your dog(s)?

Sometimes it is unavoidable for our companion animals to expose to loud environment, such as the big lousy day, July 4th.

A good article sharing using differenct naturaly remedies to calm your beloved animals at home:

"Here are some natural remedies that might help your dog overcome, or at least deal sufficiently with the noise not to be traumatized too badly.

Aromatherapy in the form of essential oils. There are many scents that induce a sense of peace and calm in dogs, however, some animals are overly sensitive to oils and a skin test should be performed before introducing any new oil to your pet. The following oils are knowns to reduce stress, anxiety and fear in animals. They may be used in any combination by direct contact to the pads of the feet or used in a diffuser:

Chamomile, lavender, geranium, marjoram, bergamot, frankincense, neroli, and sandalwood, vervain and valerian. "

There are a lot more pure essential oils are suitable for animals' needs. However, using oils on animals require a lot of caution since they are more sensitive to the aroma and the MORE sensitive to the biochemicals in the oils than humans.

Be careful to AVOID high phenol oils, such as Oregano, Clove, Thyme, Cinnamon, Mountain Savory, Tarragon, on cats because they can be extremely sensitive to these stronger oils.

And the dilution and usage amount should vary from small animal (small dogs and cats) to large animal (large dogs, sometimes applies to horses and cattles)

If you try to google "aromatheapy on animals", you can find a lot of so-called 'guidelines' instructing application techniques, dosage, even internal usage and many more!

But let's shift our focus back to calming our animals in a natural and healthy way.

1. Choose right oils: it's always a fun experiment to see how your animals react to certain oils. The above recommended oil list is good to start with. (Chamomile, lavender, geranium, marjoram, bergamot, frankincense, neroli, and sandalwood, vervain and valerian)

2. Dilution/Usage: I will recommend to AVOID neat application in treating anxiety issue. Some said it's okay to use 3-5 drops pure essential oils (of course with careful selection of the oil type) after skin test or simply apply on their paws. However, remember that they are SENSITIVE, especially when they are under a lot of pressure. My personal recommendation is --always diluted, keep the dilution under 3%.

3. Make a spray or diffuse oils: 10-15 drops in a 1 oz (30 ml) bottle to spray around your animals (not to their face/eyes) or simply use your diffusers.

If your animal loves it, you'll know:) If your animal is jittery or resists, never reinforce the application. They know themselves better than we do!

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Friday, June 12, 2009

Agricultural aromatherapy: lavender oil as natural herbicide

Essential oils are therapeutic to human and pets. Now studies show they can also take place of artificial/chemical pepticide in the near future! Good to know.

Agricultural aromatherapy: lavender oil as natural herbicide
Courtesy of ScienceDaily

Courtesy of ScienceDaily(Editor’s note: Given the ease with which lavender grows in the Texas Hill Country, this article might offer local holistic gardeners food for thought – so to speak.)

Could essential oils extracted from lavender be used as a natural herbicide to prevent weed growth among crops? Research carried out in Italy and reported in the current issue of the International Journal of Environment and Health suggests the answer may be yes.

Elena Sturchio of the National Institute of Health and Safety at Work in Rome and colleagues there and at the Department of Infectious and Tropical Diseases, and the Department Crop Production, at Tuscia University in Viterbo, have investigated the inhibitory effects on weed growth of aromatic oils, or mixtures of phytochemicals, from plants such as lavender, Lavandula officinalis.

Essential oils are, as the name suggests, often the plant’s “essence” in terms of odor. Essential oils are complex chemical mixtures of natural products made by the plant for its own purposes, including terpenes, alcohols, aldehydes and phenols. Indeed, several plant essential oils are present as natural inbuilt herbicides and pesticides.

Synthetic pesticides and herbicides have been in common use for decades and have protected crops from parasites, insects, bacteria, viruses and fungi, as well as for weed elimination.

However, by virtue of their design, these substances are toxic and in some cases thought to be carcinogenic. Their incorrect use or inadvertent exposure have been the focus of numerous studies on animal and human health, the results of which have led to serious initiatives to find alternative approaches to pest and weed control.

Other researchers have investigated the potential of essential oils from cinnamon plants, and peppermint to prevent seed germination of some weed species found in the Mediterranean region.

Sturchio and colleagues have investigated the effects of lavender oil on root growth in a plant, Vicia faba in trials.

This weed has large chromosomes and so was also amenable to studies in the laboratory that investigated the genetic toxicity of the essential oil on the weed. Their analysis showed the oil to be effective at killing the weed even at low concentration. Moreover, the oil affects growth of soil microbes and fungi involved in crop growth.

The team concluded: “Essential oils could be useful as potential bioherbicides as an alternative strategy to the chemical remedy. The use of phytochemicals permits the development for more sustainable agriculture at low environmental impact. Further studies are now needed to evaluate use of such oils ‘in the field’.”

The team points out that the oils would most likely be used either before planting or prior to transplantation of seedlings, so the essential oil would not have toxicity effects on the crop itself. Sturchio added, “Essential oils are not accumulated in the environment, because of their low persistence due to the easy degradation by microbial and enzyme activity. This aspect could represent an advantage compared to the bioaccumulation of chemicals on soil.”

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Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Feedback from our customer (Updated 0610, 2009)

Why popular blogger loves our Signature Massage Oil!!:

Messages from customers:

  • 妳好,我是你的忠實客戶, 是透過蘭陵的blog ,才認識你們家的產品 ,使用過後也非常喜歡, 也買了你們家售的 diffuser, 覺得很好用 。可是目前, ally 家的精油(非按摩油)產品比較少, 我自己也不知道要去哪裡買 ,我有去過一些店家像aveda, 我覺得他們產品的品質都沒有你們家好 ,我想請問可不可以透過你買一些精油, 例如玫瑰, sweet orange, 依蘭跟檸檬
    之前蘭陵說你們六月份會推出保加利亞的玫瑰精油, 我看你們的blog, 被卡在機場
    希望能快點解決, 因為我也好期待阿!!

    By Jennie C.

  • I had tried some of the massage oil, I love each of them!Your products are worth to wait =)Looking forward to receive my order. By Nai L

  • Hi Ally,I got it already!! They're really good!!!!Thanks a lot~~ By Fran

  • Dear Ally : Today, I made my friends try your essential oils, they found the head tonic was super, and also Rose..Ot... haha~~ we are a kinda crazy about your products now. We all trust your products, sincerely. Thus we come back to buy more.

  • I have used the essential oils from other companies such as Body Bath Work and the body shop or bellen era from England. I am really sure your quality is better than them. Quality is the evidence. Based on the belief, so I will introduce my friends you products more for help you advertisement. Please do not misunderstood me. I just showed my friends your fabulous products by the way. go go go !! Ally! By Kate

  • Dear Ally,經過幾天下來的使用,發現臉部幾乎沒有再過敏發癢、發紅,早上起來也發現皮膚變得明亮。非常謝謝妳幫我調配面油!:) By Shun-T

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Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Top 10 Essential Oils (in English and Chinese)

I came across this brief artical on NAHA (National Association for Holistic Aromatherapy)website. Very useful for those who like to start collecting some essential oils but get lost in 100-200 essential oils selection!

Those oils are also what I usually recommend for aromatherapy beginners. They are everyday oils. They are not super expensive (except for Roman Chamomile. And their aromas are commonly loved/accepted by most people:)

1)Peppermint, Mentha piperita: Useful in treating headaches, muscle aches, digestive disorders such as slow digestion, indigestion, and flatulence.

Ally's comment: 薄荷,大家再熟悉不過的味道,屬於萬用的止痛精油,在對付頭痛、暈眩、消化不良等問題都直接有效。其中的薄荷腦成分,會刺激神經系統,故不適用於孕婦、高血壓者、以及癲癇患者。

For more information please read Peppermint, Mentha piperita by Dennis Willmont

2)Eucalyptus, Eucalyptus globulus or Eucalyptus radiata : Helpful in treating respiratory problems, such as coughs, colds, and asthma. Also helps to boost the immune system, and relieve muscle tension.

Ally's comment: 尤加利精油,種類繁多,不過大致上都具有開闊胸腔,改善呼吸道系統疾病的功效,針對感冒、咳嗽、過敏、氣喘者,也有緩解的功效。然後氣喘者,需仔細觀察使用狀況,若反造成呼吸不順,需馬上停止使用。(極少數的案例為此)

For more information please read Eucalyptus, Eucalyptus globulus by Dennis Willmont

3)Ylang Ylang, Cananga odorata : Helps one to relax, and can reduce muscle tension. Good antidepressant.

Ally's comment: 伊蘭精油,幫助放鬆、助眠,解除緊張的壓力。也用作抗憂鬱精油。

For more information please read Ylang Ylang, Cananga odorata by Dennis Willmont


4)Geranium Pelargonium graveolens : Helps to balance hormones in women, good for balancing the skin. Can be both relaxing and uplifting, as well as antidepressant.

Ally's comment: 天竺葵,可說是「經濟版的玫瑰精油」,和玫瑰精油一樣,具鬆有平衡荷爾蒙、滋養癒合皮膚,同時放鬆心情並提振情緒的精油,和伊蘭精油一樣,常在臨床芳療上被運用為抗憂鬱的精油。

For more information please read Geranium, Pelargonium graveolens by Dennis Willmont

5)Lavender(Lavandula angustifolia): Relaxing, and also useful in treating wounds, burns, and skin care.

Ally's comment: 真正薰衣草。當提到芳香療法,絕大多數人的第一印象,就是法國普羅旺斯的大片薰衣草田,跟紫色薰衣草的耀眼色澤與放鬆的香氣。

說薰衣草是精油之王絕不為過,取得容易,所以價格合理 (精油的單位價格往往跟產地的產量跟提煉的難易度直接相關,這就是為何玫瑰、茉莉、橙花等精油如此的昂貴。)運用在各種症狀、放鬆、助眠、消炎、消化問題、委靡與沮喪情緒、嚴重心理與身體創傷等,它的好處跟使用層面真是非常廣泛。

For more information please read Lavender, Lavendula angustifolia by David Crow, L.Ac.

Lavender(Lavandula vera) : Helps to balance hormones in women, good for balancing the skin. Can be both relaxing and uplifting, as well as antidepressant.

For more information please read Lavender, Lavendula vera by Dennis Willmont


6)Lemon, Citrus limon : Very uplifting, yet relaxing. Helpful in treating wounds, infections, and house cleaning and deodorizing.

Ally's comment: 檸檬精油,柑橘類,具有光敏性,易氧化,稀釋擦於皮膚上後,四小時內避免陽光直射,以免造成皮膚不適。抗菌消炎除臭效果強,是居家抗菌與提升免疫力的平價精油。
7)Clary Sage, Salvia sclarea: Natural pain killer, helpful s in treating muscular aches and pains. Very relaxing, and can help with insomnia. Also very helpful in balancing hormones.

Ally's comment: 快樂鼠尾草,止痛效果強,尤對於肌肉酸痛的症狀效果佳。也用於入睡障礙,可以平撫restless mind;平衡荷爾蒙。

8)Tea Tree, Melaleuca alternifolia : A natural anti fungal oil, good for treating all sorts of fungal infections including vaginal yeast infections, jock itch, athletes foot, and ringworm. Also helps to boost the immune system.

Ally's comment: 茶樹。天然的抗菌抗霉精油,可針對各式的發炎與黴菌感染,包括陰道發炎、香港腳等。也幫助提昇免疫系統。

9)Roman Chamomile, Anthemus nobilis : Very relaxing, and can help with sleeplessness and anxiety. Also good for muscle aches and tension. Useful in treating wounds and infection.

Ally's comment: 羅馬洋干菊。放鬆、鎮定。幫助睡眠障礙和情緒緊繃。對於肌肉疼痛與肌肉緊繃也有強效。非常安全的精油,連baby也可使用。
10)Rosemary, Rosmarinus officinalis: Very stimulating and uplifting, good to help mental stimulation as well as to stimulate the immune system. Very good for muscle aches and tension. Stimulating to the digestive system.

Ally's comment: 迷迭香。提振並刺激神經系統,可用於提振精神、增加專注力,並加強免疫系統抵抗力。

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Tuesday, March 31, 2009

We are "Cruelty Free" now

Dear Friends:
Ally's AromaRemedies is now completely "Cruelty Free and Vegan" now.

Hundreds of thousands of these animals are poisoned, blinded, and killed every year in outdated and ineffective product tests for shampoos, household cleaners, cosmetics, hairsprays, and other personal care and household items. Although more than 600 companies have banned all animal tests forever, some corporations still force substances into animals' stomachs and drip chemicals into rabbits' eyes. These tests are not required by law, and they often produce inaccurate and misleading results—even if a product has blinded an animal, it can still be marketed to you.
(Origin: PETA's subsidiary website)
Our Signature Massage Oil Includes:
Detox Ale
A Girl's Best Friend
Head Tonic
Mellow Melody
Hula Hula
Skinny Legs
Calm Down
Winter Wellness I: Florida Sunshine
Winter Wellness II: No More Cold Feet
Rosy Dream
and many more coming....
They are all using 100% Pure Organic Jojoba Oil as carrier oil; blended with GC/MS tested therapeutic essential oils. There are no other artificial preservatives added.
We can say it out proudly: we believe you'll love our blendings.
They are natural.
They are therapeutuc.
They are things you will easily use on yourself and on your beloved ones.
Now, they're also Cruelty Free
You will see this cute rabbit seal on our website when you enjoy shopping and know that your purchase can help save rabbits, mice, guinea pigs, rats, and other animals.
Aroma love,
Ally Kuo

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Friday, March 6, 2009

Tips to use aromatherapy massage oil

A lot of friends and clients have been asking me the same questions of massage oil: how do I use the Signature Massage Oil? How much should I use? Where to apply on? Any special massage technique I should use?

Most of us don't have professional training like physical therapists and massage therapist. We probably don't know how to "treat" ourselves with the knowledge of pressure points, core synchronism and etc, but don't forget one thing that's most important: You know your body better than anyone!

You know if your back is craving for some support. You know your belly's not happy with the greasy junk food you had today. You know your arthritis is getting better or worse.

Getting a professional treatment session could be inconvenient and unaffordable, but treat yourself with the understanding of your body can really do the work.

The aromatherapy techniques don't have to be complicated. Just to bear in mind few tips:

1. Choose the right oils:

Essentials oils are natural medicine. They are subtle and powerful. You can always choose the pre-blended massage oil or lotion that's already designed for specific symptoms. In that case, you don't have to worry about the proper dilution of the blending and the therapeutic properties of each essential oil.

However, do read the ingredients and safety instruction of each oil or pre-blended massage oil/lotion before you dive into them. And don't forget the source and quality of the natural medicine you use will determine the results.

2. Proper strength

It all depends on the purpose of the massage. If you wish to revitalize, restore energy with the massage, you may put more strength. If you just need to relax or having a good-night session, you probably will want a softer touch and pressure. Once again, you know your body better than anyone. You'll have to feel comfortable with every steps.

3. Timing

It's good to have some aromatherapy products in your daily life so you don't need to rush out for a massage session. You may use massage oils 2-3 times everyday with your preference. Try to avoid those stimulating oils at night, such as Peppermint, Rosemary ct. camphot, and Spike Lavender etc.(Spike Lavender, unlike the True Lavender we've known, can really stimulate and wake you up!)

You may put the massage oil on yourself before showering/bathing. Or gently massage yourself after the bath. The steam and heat in shower helps you to absorb more essential oils from inhalation plus improve the circulation.

4. Be creative

You are your own therapist. It's really not that complicated. Try to incorporate aromatherapy in your daily life will surprise you in a lot of ways.

Give your beloved one an intimate treatment.
Blend the massage oil with unscented lotion. (Better with no-paraben, artificial preservatives etc.)
Pour the massage oil into hot running jacuzzi....Mmmm

Shop for Signature Massage Oil? Click here
Life is wonderful.

Take care, everyone.

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Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Signature Massage Oi Chinese Info │11種特調按摩配方中文簡介

Hello people, following chart is the introduction in Trad. Chinese for Signature Massage Oil. It will give you the idea of the Signature Massage Oil's therapeutic properties, ingredients and special instructions. English people, you can just go back to to find all the relative info that speak your language. ^_^

這是讓大家久等的中文版產品簡介,針對Ally's AromaRemedies現在獨家特調的11種芳療配方,全系列按摩油選用特級有機荷荷芭作為基底油,精油都是我仔細挑選過經過GC/MS (gas chromatograhy/mass spectrometry)-- 氣相層析質譜系統--分析並篩選過的醫療級純精油,確保每一種按摩油的香氣、純度、與療效。


From Ally's AromaRemedies

From Ally's AromaRemedies


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Thursday, January 22, 2009

My PMS Formula │ 我的PMS配方

Premenstrual syndrome (PMS) (historically called PMT or Premenstrual Tension) is a collection of physical, psychological, and emotional symptoms related to a woman's menstrual cycle. While most women of child-bearing age (about 80 percent) have some premenstrual symptoms,[1] women with PMS have symptoms of "sufficient severity to interfere with some aspects of life".[2] Such symptoms are usually predictable and occur regularly during the two weeks prior to menses. The symptoms may vanish after the menstrual flow starts, but may continue even after the flow has begun.
Origin: from Wikipedia

今天要寫這篇我的PMS配方之前,很快的research了一下,發現PMS還真的不只是PMS,在大家叫他PMS之前,其實以前只被認定成一種PMT àTension。稱他為一種Syndrome,也就是醫學科學上無解的症狀,只好歸類為Syndrome,但是也並不能說是一種disease。



我的角度而言,就是因為認同自己女性的identity,所以我認同她帶給我的好處跟壞處啊,認同接受之後,想辦法去了解跟控制,總比一天到晚不承認:「不!我不是弱者,我不會有什麼經前症候群的問題,我和你們男人一樣,隨時都可以去伊拉克打仗! 」的要好吧?

開始上芳療課後,我們除了課堂外的client case study,課堂間的in-class case study也非常有趣。我的partner是Cyn,我們互做consultation,一開始的時候我實在覺得她很兇(她大約五十餘歲,白人,以前是bartender,後來轉做massage therapist,笑稱以前調的是evil blending,現在轉調精油,希望調些好的東西來補償她以前調的爛東西..XDDD)

我跟Cyn互相諮詢的症狀正好是同一種類型,我的是PMS與menstrual cramp,她的則是menopause。

基底油:Jojoba Oil (如果更講究一點,可以加一半St. Johns Wort Oil/聖約翰浸泡油)
1oz (about 30ml)

Grapefruit 4d
Lavender 6d
Geranium 6d
Rosewood 6d




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Tuesday, January 6, 2009

The art of blending

While we make our blending, we always have our own unique way to decide what should be put into this blending to achieve our goal. Most people make their decision upon the combination of intuition and rationality while others need a more precise instruction to guide them through.

One of my dearest aromatherapist friends always asked me how I came out with all my recipes. In our training, we did a lot of interactive consultation with people. We had the luck to work and play at the same time surrounded by the great energy of essential oils. As an aromatherapist, we are not in any positions of healing or making health practices for people. We are just highly rely on the power of natural remedies could ease and sooth the burden of pain. And sorrow, sometimes.

There are usually two arena of blending techniques that we use. You can go with either one of them, or choose to go between, like I do. One is based on your intuition of the therapeutic properties of the essential oils; the other is analyze according to different criteria and grouping of the essential oils, such as their chemical families, specific chemical constituents, botanic families, plant parts, even using alternative technique, such as Chakras.

I came across of a Chinese article from a blog (the blogger might also copied this from somewhere else) talked about how to blend. Yes, how to blend. This is really a big issue to discuss, isn’t it?

Yet this article features more on blending according to the aroma which can be a great resource for those who like to be more analytical with some guidelines to follow:

Step 1: Make sure you know the problem in this case and the therapeutic properties/ emotional properties of the essential oils you would like to blend with.

Step 2: Test. When you blend, you have to understand the notes of each oil, whether they are top-noted, middle-noted, or base-noted. The note is determined according to the evaporation rate/time of each oil. Sandalwood being famous for evaporating slow, it’s a base note oil; Lavender evaporates fast, it’s a top note. (Lavender usually is categories as middle-to-top note. Not necessarily a top note. It’s quite subjective. However, almost everyone will agree all the citrus oils are top-noted.)

Step 3: Top-noted oil evaporates fast, so it’s the first aroma coming out in a blend. The aroma only flows about 30 minutes or even less. Therefore, add 5-20% top noted oil in a blending is appropriate. (Well, again, what does flow 30 minutes or less suggest? Still a subjective perception and it’ll differ from one to the other)

Step 4: Middle- noted oils determined the aroma of the synergy in your blend. They are used to balance each other and can last about 3 hours. 50-80% usage is appropriate.

Step 5: Base noted oils are usually quite aromatic and grounding. Adding the base noted oils can help to slow down the evaporation of this blend and make the aroma last longer. 5-20% is suggested.I hope this can be helpful for those of you who struggle to decide the percentage and types of oils to blend from the aromatic perspective. In my opinion, whenever the intentions are pure and great, the oils just smell wonderful and “right”.

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