Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Rose Bless You

I spent a whole afternoon blending essential oils. Yes, if there is one thing I'll never get bored with, that's about blending.

I was trying to decide the formula of my new synergy essential oil, "Rose Bless You". I had a few testing bottles labeled and I took them out at my front yard. I always like to get some fresh air so my chest is clear and my nose can do its work:)

With the nice and cool breeze in fall, I finally decide the formula of "Rose Bless You"!

There will be Rose Absolute, Rosewood, Geranium Rose and Frankincense in this magic small bottle! it will come with 5 ml and 10 ml bottles at your options. It is expensive because it cost so much to distill a single drop of rose essential oil.

The idea of this new synergy essential oil

(while we say Synergy Essential Oil @Ally's AromaRemedies, we meant we infuse several kinds of pure essential oils to make a new blend with the diverse energy of single essential oil. Synergy Essential Oil is 100% pure and needs proper dilution if applys directly on the skin.)

is trying to create a everyday blend for rose lovers to enjoy a little bit luxury of daily pampering but can still afford it.

Rose absolute and Geranium Rose contribute to the sweet and deep rose aroma. Rosewood strengthens the beautiful combination of the previous oils. Frankincense speaks for the name of this blend with a lot more blessings and it also works perfectly to extend the rosy scents.

As usual, I seal every bottle with love and passion. Wish this small bottle can bring a lot blessings and comfort to you as it always does to me.

Rose Bless You

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