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Skin allergy on DOGS

In the article of "Dealing With Skin Sensitivity in Dogs" by Jen Syrkiewicz, there are a lot useful information shared.


Regularly Administer Essential Oils and Fatty Acids


Use Evening Primrose Oil to Strengthen Immunity


Steer Clear of Perfumed Shampoos, Over Bathing and Certain Flea Treatments
(避免人工香劑過多的洗毛精,過度的清潔也會讓狗狗皮膚失去油脂,少了天然的屏障,是不好的喔! 某些抗蚤噴劑/清潔劑,也會過度刺激敏感的狗狗皮膚。選擇適合的防蚤用品是非常重要的。)

Use Antihistamines Approved by Your Vet


Reduce Inflammation With Gentle Creams


Above information is very useful for a lot dog owners, especially in the allergy season. I personally prefer using some natural remedies on my pet.


Bucca is a 2 year old golden retriever. He occasionally suffers from skin allergy. I have been trying to limit his food ingredients, treats, exposure to dirt and other pollutants as much as I can for the past 2 years. I also tried to only use oatmeal shampoo when taking a bath for him. (which didn't work out that well!)


You know how bad they can smell when they are on a allergy outbreak because their skin and systems are under inflammation. However, over-shampoo could worsen the situation.


I did almost all I can for the above, except the anti-histamine. (I really don't want my dog relies too much on anti-histamine.)


After a lot trial and errors, I finally realized a lot so-called hypogenic shampoo and cream actually induce Bucca's allergy! He was very itchy the next day after shampoo.

(還好,在不斷嘗試錯誤的循環下,我終於發現其實他對於所謂的低過敏洗毛精,還是會過敏的! 找到兇手之後,就比較容易對症下藥了。)

Now I am using some interesting personal blending as shampoo. It soothes his itchness works out really fine to clean and deodorize.


Castile Soap (made from natural ingredients, vegetable oils rather than animal oil or synthetic substance.)

(Castile soap其實就是橄欖皂,但是要找的是純橄欖皂,是液體的。)

Hydrosols (I love to use Peppermint hydrosols because it is skin-cooling. Other like Rosemary, Lavender, Calendula and many more are also great!)

(花水! 對於皮膚的症狀真是萬能。我喜歡用的是薄荷花水,因為可以降溫,所以皮膚表層如果正在騷癢,薄荷花水是很好用的。其他如薰衣草、迷迭香、金盞花等花水也非常好。)

Essential oils: I use Lavender, Spike Lavender, Tea Tree, Lemon, German Chamomile


There isn't a strict recipe on using these ingredients. here is what you can refer to:

2 oz Castile Soap +
1 oz Hydrosol +
Lavender 5 drops + Spike Lavender 3 drops + Tea Tree 5 drops + Lemon 3 drops + German Chamomile 4 drops



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